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What is Smart Data?

Smart Data system is a system that keep the records of products that participants from a pool of 30.000 people whose all permits are granted according to the law on protection of personal data, use in approximately 40 categories from the brand of shampoo they use to car tires and observes the changes in the life of these participants with the updates carried out every two years.

It does not just observe which products the people use, it also observes the lifestyle of people.

Members of Smart Data

How often do they travel abroad?
Which countries did they travel to until now?
What is their dressing style?
Which places do they have their dinners at?
We are able to meet the most correct target mass with key questions that we use to designate the REAL socioeconomic status such as how much of the household revenue do they spare for personal hobbies.

Remind Follows Your Smart Data Agenda!

Remind Research makes approximately 200 phone interviews in a day and 4000 phone interviews in a month in average.
Questionnaires are conducted to these people for various projects.
Prepare a questionnaire with maximum three questions for your interested category.
Our team will conduct your small questionnaire to the people they talked with during the daily basis.

We will deliver the results to you at the end of a month.

For example;
a) If you would like to change the car you drive now, which brand would you prefer in the future?
b) Can you rate the future of electric cars in a scale of 1 to 10? 1-They have no future 10-They will be definitely available in the future
c) If you were to expect a benefit which will make you feel special, what would this be?

Reach us for more detailed information!